Cookie Policy – Leap Paths Cookie Usage Policy Last Revision: September 30, 2023

At World Travel Guide (“we,” “us,” or “our”), we employ cookies on our website, (referred to as the “Service”). By utilizing the Service, you signify your consent to the use of cookies.

This Cookie Usage Policy elucidates the nature of cookies, their purpose on our platform, the potential involvement of third-party cookies, your options concerning these cookies, and additional insights into how they function.

Understanding Cookies

Cookies are petite snippets of text dispatched to your web browser when you explore a website. These text files are retained in your web browser and facilitate the Service or, in certain cases, a third-party to identify you, making your future visits more convenient and the Service more tailored to your needs.

Cookies can be classified into “persistent” or “session” cookies. Persistent cookies endure on your personal computer or mobile device even after you log off, while session cookies are eradicated as soon as you conclude your web browsing session.

How World Travel Guide Utilizes Cookies

When you use and navigate through the Service, we may implant various cookie files into your web browser. We deploy cookies for the subsequent objectives:

  1. Facilitating Specific Service Functions: Cookies are employed to enable specific functions within the Service.
  2. Providing Analytics: We use cookies to gather data that aids in understanding how the Service is utilized, enabling us to enhance it. We may also employ analytics cookies to assess users’ responses to new advertisements, pages, features, or functionalities.
  3. Enabling Advertisement Delivery, Including Behavioral Advertising: Certain cookies assist in delivering advertisements through the Service and monitoring the performance of these advertisements. They may also support third-party advertising networks in presenting relevant ads, tailored to your interests or activities.

We employ both session and persistent cookies within the Service and employ diverse cookie types to ensure its seamless operation:

  • Essential Cookies: Essential cookies might be used to authenticate users and thwart fraudulent use of user accounts.
  • Analytics Cookies: Analytics cookies are harnessed to monitor how the Service is used, enabling us to make enhancements. They may also be employed to evaluate users’ reactions to new advertisements, pages, features, or functionalities.
  • Advertising Cookies: These cookies facilitate the delivery of advertisements on the Service and the tracking of their performance. They may also empower third-party advertising networks to display ads that match your activities and interests.

Third-party Cookies

In conjunction with our cookies, we may also engage various third-party cookies to generate usage statistics for the Service, deliver advertisements through the Service, and perform other functions as needed.

Your Cookie Preferences

Should you wish to erase cookies or instruct your web browser to discard or reject cookies, please visit your browser’s help pages. It’s imperative to note that if you opt to delete or decline cookies, some of the features we provide may become inaccessible, preferences may not be storable, and certain pages may not display correctly.

Here are links to cookie management instructions for some commonly used web browsers:

For any other web browser, please refer to the official web pages provided by your browser’s developer.