Leap Paths Introduction

About Our Website

Leap Paths (LP) stands as the flagship digital consumer brand under the expansive Leap Paths portfolio. Offering an extensive guide to the world’s finest travel destinations, its legacy in print spans an impressive 30 years, while its online presence celebrated its 19th anniversary in 2018. Delivered in English, LP furnishes travelers with meticulous and reliable travel information designed to ignite global wanderlust. Its scope encompasses a myriad of aspects, from urban explorations to airport insights, cruise port guidance to tips on ski and beach resorts, must-visit attractions to upcoming events, along with a dose of weekly travel news, engaging features, and brain-teasing quizzes. With a dedicated global editorial team continually updating the content, the portal welcomes over 10,000 unique visitors each month.

Who We Are

Leap Paths (LP) stands tall as one of the most esteemed and accomplished names in the worldwide travel industry, boasting a rich company history spanning three remarkable decades. Renowned as the go-to resource for global travel content, LP has earned its reputation on the bedrock of journalistic integrity. LP is unwaveringly committed to providing impartial, precise, enlightening, and dependable travel content in various formats. These formats include the well-known Leap Paths for consumers, the specialized Leap Paths Travel Professional catering to travel industry experts, and a wealth of licensed and tailored content solutions for corporate partners via its dedicated division, Leap Paths Content Solutions. As a dynamic and swiftly expanding global travel content enterprise, contact us to discover more about our distinctive journey.

Our Team

With a wealth of experience accrued over 30 years, we’ve roamed the globe, establishing a name for ourselves in delivering top-tier travel content that is not just informative but also captivating and inspirational. Each of our guides and features is crafted and kept up-to-date by a global network of seasoned travel writers, featuring some of the most reputable names in the field. Our hallmark is creating content that stands out in the crowded landscape of travel information.

Content Solutions

As a leading global travel content provider, (LP) excels in two distinct services aimed at brands and retailers. Our adaptable approach enables us to offer pre-existing travel content packages or our editorial team can craft unique, precise, and personalized content, tailored in style and tone to meet specific requirements. LP stands as the ultimate content supplier for numerous international travel brands.

Contact Us

Editorial Inquiries: leappaths@gmail.com

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